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This is the winning formula for a successful exhibition


A while back, my business coach introduced me to the “1% more concept”.

She explained this concept to me from a financial perspective, but I found it is a great way to approach your exhibition or corporate event

What is this concept?

It stems from the idea that a small number of improvements can deliver an outcome far greater than the effort put in.

For example:

1% more pre-show marketing x 1% more engagement on the stand x 1% more post show follow up = a dramatic increase in leads, sales, meetings or whatever your exhibition ROI measure may be.

Or: 1% improved scheduling x 1% better management x 1% better exhibition design brief

Let’s take a closer look.

Outcome and ROI

Before you jump into things, spend 1% of time defining what you want to get out of your next exhibition.

Get 1% clearer on what your measure of success is. Is it the number of leads? Sales? Meetings?


Planning your design brief

Put that extra 1% into organising and consolidating your design requirements before briefing your exhibition stand designers.


Pre-show marketing

1% more pre-show marketing to drive your current and potential clients to your exhibition.


Internal stakeholders

Be just 1% more efficient in managing internal stakeholders.

Do you need to keep them informed 1% more?


Exhibition staffing

1% more training of your stand staff. Can we make the script 1% better or uniforms 1% more professional? Or those daily on-stand huddles 1% more effective?

To ensure they walk away more informed and trusting of your brand


Exhibition budget

1% more tracking of your exhibition budget to prevent blow outs.

How can we get 1% more value from our current costs?


More informative and engaging exhibition

Make your exhibition stand 1% more interactive and useful to hold visitor’s attention and to get them to connect with your brand.

To ensure they walk away from your exhibition more informed and trusting of your brand


Post exhibition marketing

Make your post exhibition follow ups and post exhibition marketing 1% better or 1% more personalised.

So, forget the latest promotional fad. Just focus 1% more on your efforts. By investing an 1% extra effort into each of these areas, you will achieve far greater results than opting for the latest marketing gismo or fad.


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