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Why upgrading your showroom should be top of your to-dos in 2018

In a world driven by online marketing and digital communications, it’s easy to overlook the value of offline channels like your showroom. But don’t forget, while online marketing efforts might drive brand awareness for businesses such as Telstra and Wilson & Bradley, customers still need to see and feel a product before purchasing.

So think carefully; what does your showroom say about your brand? Is it outdated? Is it just a quagmire of elements and products put together void of real thought? If so, then 2018 is the time to rediscover the value of your showroom.


Why your showroom matters:

A showroom showcases your complete product or service offering, no subpages or forms to fill out, just a complete and engaging brand experience.

A beautifully presented showroom boosts employee morale by making them proud to come to work.

Your product or service is presented and aligned with a contemporary light.

A showroom also serves broader marketing functions such as a place to hold events, a photo shoot and even a place to record instructional videos.


A great showroom will create a unique shopping experience that can turn casual browsers or undecided shoppers, into paying customers. Seize the opportunity a showroom presence and make a real-life, and life-long connection with your customers.

Is upgrading your showroom on your mind this year? At BrandScapes, we design, build and install beautiful showroom displays that enhance your customer experience and sales.


Need some showroom inspo?

Check out some of our recent show-stopping showrooms below.