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Pop-up retail and social media: A match made in heaven

Now you’ve established your pop-up’s goal, location, and space design, it’s time to focus on amplifying your reach, building buzz and driving foot traffic.

Social media is the perfect vehicle for our clients to do just that.

About to launch a pop-up?

Check out some of my top tips to enhance your customer experience using social media.


Build buzz

To build hype and excitement prior to opening, begin posting teasers on your social platforms early on.

Provide a sneak peek, behind the scenes look and teasers of the site and even the products and people behind the scenes.


Create a Facebook event

Creating an event page with all the details about your pop up is a sure-fire way to get the word out.

Thanks to the Facebook algorithm, the more people that click attending and engage with your event; the more likely others are to see it.



Create a new hashtag that visitors can use when uploading their photos to social media. Hashtags allow people to find you online and check out what others have said about your pop-up.


Encourage check-ins

Prompting customers to check in at your pop-up with their social media accounts, will encourage nearby customers to visit.


Go live

Facebook and Instagram Live are a great way to boost interest and engagement and showcase new products or announce special offers. Be sure to let your followers know when you will be live and encourage them to tune in.


Run a promotion

Running a competition or promotion across social that encourages your customers to share photos of your stall, take selfies or upload their products, is a great way to dial up your social media efforts and drive engagement.



Work with existing influencers or reach out to key influencers your audience follow to get your brand and products in front of your audience. If your objective is to build reach and awareness, influencers can help you do this.


Social media offers huge potential for brands to amplify their reach and build engagement prior to customers even stepping into your pop-up store.

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