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Manufacturing displays shouldn’t be 2D! How to display bulky items to attract and engage your audience.

Got an upcoming trade show but scratching your head as to how to display your latest air-conditioning unit or solar panel?

I get it. If you’ve got a bulky product to display, you can feel limited. But forward-thinking manufacturing brands such as Bosch, BOC and Caterpillar are creating immersive brand experiences that drive ROI and engage audiences.

Want to know how?

Here are my top tips to ensure your bulky product stands out for all the right reasons.


Give your product a wing-man

Display information alongside your product through a floor graphic, pillar or plinth, to give your product context, your sales team a prop and your product a buddy.


Wide load needs a wide space

Displaying large items that don’t overwhelm your visitors means leaving adequate space around each product, so they can easily view and access larger items.


Use audio/visual aids

When space is an issue, throw in a video! Showing your product in use and how your product solves a problem, will show the benefits of your product in situ.


Light it up

Good lighting attracts the attention of more people in an otherwise crowded and competitive environment.


Fire it up

Wow, your visitors with regular live demos to engage prospects and attract attention. This is one of, if not the most important advantages of exhibiting at trade shows.


Don’t go naked

Avoid using a raw timber pallet to display your product. Instead, work with your stand provider to create a professional look and feel.

Manufacturing displays shouldn’t be 2D! At BrandScapes we help loads of manufacturing clients, just like you, attract and engage their market with clever, eye-catching displays.


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