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This is the winning formula for a successful exhibition


A while back, my business coach introduced me to the “1% more concept”.

She explained this concept to me from a financial perspective, but I found it is a great way to approach your exhibition or corporate event

What is this concept?

It stems from the idea that a small number of improvements can deliver an outcome far greater than the effort put in.

For example:

1% more pre-show marketing x 1% more engagement on the stand x 1% more post show follow up = a dramatic increase in leads, sales, meetings or whatever your exhibition ROI measure may be.

Or: 1% improved scheduling x 1% better management x 1% better exhibition design brief

Let’s take a closer look.

Outcome and ROI

Before you jump into things, spend 1% of time defining what you want to get out of your next exhibition.

Get 1% clearer on what your measure of success is. Is it the number of leads? Sales? Meetings?


Planning your design brief

Put that extra 1% into organising and consolidating your design requirements before briefing your exhibition stand designers.


Pre-show marketing

1% more pre-show marketing to drive your current and potential clients to your exhibition.


Internal stakeholders

Be just 1% more efficient in managing internal stakeholders.

Do you need to keep them informed 1% more?


Exhibition staffing

1% more training of your stand staff. Can we make the script 1% better or uniforms 1% more professional? Or those daily on-stand huddles 1% more effective?

To ensure they walk away more informed and trusting of your brand


Exhibition budget

1% more tracking of your exhibition budget to prevent blow outs.

How can we get 1% more value from our current costs?


More informative and engaging exhibition

Make your exhibition stand 1% more interactive and useful to hold visitor’s attention and to get them to connect with your brand.

To ensure they walk away from your exhibition more informed and trusting of your brand


Post exhibition marketing

Make your post exhibition follow ups and post exhibition marketing 1% better or 1% more personalised.

So, forget the latest promotional fad. Just focus 1% more on your efforts. By investing an 1% extra effort into each of these areas, you will achieve far greater results than opting for the latest marketing gismo or fad.


Need assistance piecing together the puzzle that is your next exhibition?

My team are standing by to assist with exhibition planning, exhibition design and implementation.

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The sure-fire way to stretch your marketing dollar further

One of the most common questions I get asked, is how to stretch, even the largest of budgets, further. It’s a fair question. Maximising your investment not only looks great on the balance sheet, it also sets a solid foundation for future marketing efforts.

Check out my five tips to maximise your marketing budget and investment.

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Looking to consolidate your trade show schedule?

Want to create a consistent look and feel for multiple brands across markets and countries?

Wish you could call on a team of experts to handle all your trade show needs?

Hello. We’re here to help.

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Pop-up retail and social media: A match made in heaven

Now you’ve established your pop-up’s goal, location, and space design, it’s time to focus on amplifying your reach, building buzz and driving foot traffic.

Social media is the perfect vehicle for our clients to do just that.

About to launch a pop-up?

Check out some of my top tips to enhance your customer experience using social media.

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Considering venturing into the world of pop-up retail? Here’s what you need to know.

Loads of brands are taking advantage of the low-cost nature of pop-up retail stores, to not only create cool brand experiences but also engage with customers and new markets as a relatively low-risk test.

At BrandScapes, we’ve created plenty of brand experiences for small and large brands, from cosmetics to construction. I love these temporary retail spaces because they give businesses a great opportunity to sell their products, reach new customers and test a physical retail environment before committing to a permanent store. Read more →

Top four reads for the innovative marketing manager

Not all books are worthy of your time. Which is why I’ve done some of the hard yards and bring you four favourite reads that all marketers should invest their time in this year.

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Be bold, be vibrant: Crafting a unique brand experience

Thanks to changes in technology and changing consumer needs, brands are forced to become focused on developing unique customer experiences.

Your display, activation or exhibition is a great way to allow your customers to immerse themselves in your brand.

Achieving a fully immersive brand experience can be easier said than done I know, but, I’ve worked with many brands over the years to help them get this right, and it pays off every time.

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The top industry events you can’t afford to miss this year

I love industry events. They’re a great way to network, fuel ideas and develop your business and brand. Exhibiting at an event specific to your industry puts your brand on your industry’s mainstage.

With a packed calendar full of plenty of exciting events around the country from beauty to manufacturing and public safety, there is an event to elevate your brand and develop your business.

Check out our list of this year’s industry events you can’t afford to miss.

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Why upgrading your showroom should be top of your to-dos in 2018

In a world driven by online marketing and digital communications, it’s easy to overlook the value of offline channels like your showroom. But don’t forget, while online marketing efforts might drive brand awareness for businesses such as Telstra and Wilson & Bradley, customers still need to see and feel a product before purchasing.

So think carefully; what does your showroom say about your brand? Is it outdated? Is it just a quagmire of elements and products put together void of real thought? If so, then 2018 is the time to rediscover the value of your showroom.

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Manufacturing displays shouldn’t be 2D! How to display bulky items to attract and engage your audience.

Got an upcoming trade show but scratching your head as to how to display your latest air-conditioning unit or solar panel?

I get it. If you’ve got a bulky product to display, you can feel limited. But forward-thinking manufacturing brands such as Bosch, BOC and Caterpillar are creating immersive brand experiences that drive ROI and engage audiences.

Want to know how?

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Build Engagement and Make Your Next Event interactive and UNFORGETTABLE

Interactive? One of the questions that we get most, is, “how can I make my next event more engaging, more memorable and more interactive?”

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Branding – Behind the Scenes

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THE LESS-STRESS LIST – An Event Planning Guide for your next tradeshow stand


Exhibiting is one of the most effective and rewarding actives your brand can undertake. The opportunity to further develop relationships with existing customers and engage with potential new leads is unparalleled. Read more →



• Preliminary action plan

• Design discussion

• Cost Estimate

• We sketch ideas in front of you Read more →


The hardest part of planning your expo stand is fitting all your messages and products into a small space….. and it not looking like a dogs breakfeast!

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Your Brand on TV – Set design and construction

Here’s a set we designed and built for Gaggenau as seen on THE BLOCK reality TV show. We crafted this set from rustic timber from a wreckers yard and lazer cut 3D metallic logo complete with custom joinery. The BrandScapes team used the know-how gained from creating exhibition stands for Gaggenau to successfully apply their branding for TV. Need a set for your brand?, get in touch today and we can discuss ideas for set design and construction.


IMMERSIVE SPACES – Telstra Showroom

IMMERSIVE SHOWROOM – Telstra Customer Central Immersion Zone

A space for their team to workshop ideas, grow their customer relation skills and develop strategies.
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THE PERFECT SMALL EXPO KIT, maximum impact with minimal pack down size and set up time required.

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Event Logistics – Avoid the pitfalls

Avoid a disaster when planning your event, don’t forget about

I know its not the most exciting aspect of your event plan!  But think of it as the glue that holds everything together, Or.. the back bone of your event. Read more →

Exhibition Stands – What do they cost?

It’s the most common questions people ask,  How much does it cost to exhibit and what do I get for my money?

I’ve put together this quick guide to the costs associated with getting a unique exhibition stand custom built for your company. Read more →