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5 ways to improve your exhibition stand design

Check out my five tips to improve your exhibition stand design and maximise your marketing budget and investment.

1.   Create an engaging space

In the digital age, face-to-face your exhibition stand design needs to be fun and engaging.

Whether it be a physical game, a high tech virtual reality experience, or expert demonstration, draw in your audience with fun and engaging activities.

Going the extra mile means visitors will remember your message and the experience they had with your brand.

Want to learn more about making your exhibition stand design more interactive?  Click here.

What’s the cost?
$4k upwards per interactive feature.


2.    Use the space above your space (rigging)

Strong branding above your stand is a great use of space and is an easy way to draw attention to your stand and attract passing visitors from near and far. Its a worth considering including rigging in your exhibition stand design

What’s the cost?
Rigged structures start from $6k, I’d allow $12k for something impressive above a 6 x 6m stand.


3.    Use the space below (floor)

Most people don’t utilise the surface beneath their stand. But when you think about it, there are a lot of people looking at the ground. Whether it’s words, digital prints, carpet stickers or your logo, your floor space holds enormous marketing potential and does wonders to reinforce your brand message. You can even build product displays into your floor’s surface; a great way to achieve a custom-branded look for minimal investment. Floor graphic are easy to incorporate into your stand design for minimal cost


What’s the cost?
Floor graphics $200pm2, an in-floor product display costs around 3k.


4.    Use the space around you (aisles)

Position your demonstration areas, hero product, and displays on the edge of your stand.

Your stand will be more approachable as visitors don’t have to step into your stand to get involved or learn more.

Plus, you effectively steal space as large groups can congregate around your display in the aisle, reserving the space inside your stand for interested visitors. The aisle edges of your stand must be considered when formulating your exhibition stand design


What’s the cost?
If you have a good designer there’s no additional cost – it’s a planning thing!


5.    Use the digital space

It’s easier than ever to spread the word to your network and build hype around the exciting things planned for your stand via digital platforms. Social media, email campaigns and of course your website, are all gateways to amplifying your reach at your next trade show.

So you consider beyond the 3D space when creating your exhibition stand design

What’s the cost?
Social media and promotion packages for your stand start from $3k.


Need help pulling together an exhibition stand design and action plan for your stand?

Get in touch, the team at Brandscapes can assist with planning, exhibition stand design and implementation of your stand.