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4 ways to avoid exhibition budget disaster

Promoting your brand at trade shows is bloody expensive!

Here’s 4 ways to tame your exhibition budget:

1 . Have an Exhibition budget

It seems like a no-brainer but actually having and controlling your budget is vital to keeping costs down.


Include everything in your Budget, from the stand space to pre-show marketing to staffing costs and marketing collateral.

Remember to include contingencies as well.

Your exhibition budget should include:

  • Stand space
  • Pre-show marketing and sponsorship
  • Audiovisual content, brochures and give aways
  • Stand design, build and install
  • Sideline promotional events
  • Staffing costs, travel and uniforms, temp staff
  • Transport of display product, product costs
  • Plus contingencies



2 . Maintain a consistent stand design

Invest in one portable exhibition stand kit for all events,

a stand that is durable and easily adapted for different markets.


This will not only save you money but ensure consistency of your marketing.



3. Plan better

By planning early you get the best deals and you’ll avoid those dreaded late fees and make your exhibition budget a lot healthier.


Book your space – 12 months out

Engage your stand designer – 6 months out

Proceed with the production of your stand – 3 months out

Have your graphic and AV content approved – 2 months out

Your display product and marketing collateral ready – 1 month out

Complete organiser forms – 1 month out

Staff flights and accommodation booked – 1 month out



4. Spend your exhibition budget in the right places

When creating your stand, spend your budget in a few areas that will engage visitors.


For everything else use stock standard components and sizes.


Trying to water down everything to meet your exhibition budget will leave you with a bland stand.



Need a smart solution that suits your exhibition budget?

I can help,

with engaging designs, bespoke production and logistics we’ve got you covered.

Unique stand packages to suit your exhibition budget range from $880 – $2,000 per meter of floor space



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