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THE LESS-STRESS LIST – An Event Planning Guide for your next tradeshow stand


Exhibiting is one of the most effective and rewarding actives your brand can undertake. The opportunity to further develop relationships with existing customers and engage with potential new leads is unparalleled.

Event  planning can be a complicated and time consuming process, forward planning can go a long way to minimizing stress and ensure the full potential of your event is realized. Here’s our checklist developed from over 15 years creating unique tradeshow stands and events:



Event planning and budget tools

Event Planning – Define your Objectives

 By having a clear set of goals and being specific about your outcomes subsequent decisions and event planning is made easier.

What is your desired outcome / core purpose?

  1. To increase brand awareness?
  2. Define the measurement for success or your KPI’s of the project i.e number of leads?
  3. Introduce a certain number of new people to your product or service?
  4. Number of meetings (with measurable outcomes or a clearly defined set of actionable goals)
  5. Launch a new product or service?
  6. Reposition the business or a product?
  7. Generate leads?

Define the measurement for success?

  • What are your KPI’s? Is it cost per lead, number of meetings, number of on-stand purchases?
  • Who is your target audience? – be specific to attendees of this show?
  • What will the take home message be for visitors?
  • How does this event fit in with your overarching marketing and sales strategy?



Custom Exhibition Stand Costs


Ensure your budget is realistic,

includes all related costs

and covers cost over runs..

Budget Checklist – Costs to consider to improve your event planning:

  1. Past exhibiting costs – Review
  2. Stand space – Organizer fees
  3. Stand design and construction
  4. Promotional items / give away items
  5. Staffing
  6. Travel costs
  7. Uniforms
  8. Pre-show marketing
  9. Post show marketing
  10. Stand photography and videography
  11. Printing of literature

TIP: Ensure organizer deadlines are met to avoid additional costs



Event Planning - Event Organisers

Event Organiser

Event organizers require a significant amount of detail.  It’s important to provide them with any information they may have requested well ahead of time.

Organizer checklist

  1. Book your stand space
  2. Choose space-only or a booth package
  3. Request a floor plan and negotiate your preferred position, and wall configuration
  4. Pay organizer fees
  5. Reconfirm your stand orientation and position within the show – this can change without notice
  6. Exhibitor manual received, read carefully
  7. Exhibitor forms completed
  8. Meeting rooms booked if needed
  9. Guest badges/VIP list confirmed



Exhibition and event planning

Exhibition and event planning

Without dynamic, well-trained trade show staffing, all your event planning, eye-catching exhibit, and appealing giveaways can be worthless.

Team checklist

  1. Create your team for manning the stand, allow 1 per 3 x 3m of space
  2. Do any team members shine in this setting?
  3. Create rules for staff conduct and scripts for approaching visitors
  4. Ensure a staff are briefed on the core objective for exhibiting
  5. Put together an info pack for staff containing key information & roster
  6. Conduct a daily huddle at the start of each show day to track progress and raise any issues.

Brandscapes offers a complete service. Our fee is inclusive of event planning, power supply, lighting, rigging, graphic design, graphic production, furniture, hospitality and much more….



Custom exhibition Stand

Bespoke design and construction of your stand

By creating a great looking and positive environment where your team and prospects can meet face to face, brands have the opportunity to present themselves in the very best light.

Remember your core purpose of exhibiting?

  • Ensure your take home message is reflected in the design, layout and over all presentation of the stand itself

Develop a design brief for your stand, consider:

  1. Have you exhibited before – what did and didn’t work in the past?
  2. Approached from different angles how should the stand show off your key products and services
  3. How will flow of foot traffic effect the overall layout and staff movement
  4. How will staff handle and record their interactions with visitors?
  5. Consider practical elements required on the stand, furniture, storage, room for literature and product display plus small things like bag hooks and rubbish bins.
  6. If you’re displaying product confirm dimensions, weight and power requirements
  7. Confirm a schedule of works and key dates with BrandScapes

How will you measure the success of activity on the stand:

  1. Consider how you will count the number of leads, meeting, enquires etc.
  2. How will you collect and manage this data?



Event Planning

Conduct post-show evaluation as soon as possible:


When the last lead has left the stand, ties are loosened and the exhibition crews appear as if from nowhere,

it’s important to remember it’s not over till it’s over.


Gathering comments and feedback, evaluate the following:

  1. Were set objectives met?
  2. Was the budget met, what was the final cost
  3. Define your ROI (cost per visitors, lead, meeting etc.)
  4. Show selection, attendance, type of visitor
  5. Pre Show Marketing – was this effective
  6. Your stand location within the show
  7. Stand design and construction
  8. Performance of staff
  9. Your overall brand presence and appearance
  10. Keep on marketing
  11. Review your event planning, what needs to be worked on?

The marketing doesn’t stop here, to ensure you leverage your involvement consider:

Have all leads been added to your CRM to be fostered?

  1. Send personalized post event follow up with leads
  2. Social media posts
  3. You tube videos highlighting the event
  4. Share highlights of you event with your existing customers, some may have missed the event


For event planning assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch with the BrandScapes Team.