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Considering venturing into the world of pop-up retail? Here’s what you need to know.

Loads of brands are taking advantage of the low-cost nature of pop-up retail stores, to not only create cool brand experiences but also engage with customers and new markets as a relatively low-risk test.

At BrandScapes, we’ve created plenty of brand experiences for small and large brands, from cosmetics to construction. I love these temporary retail spaces because they give businesses a great opportunity to sell their products, reach new customers and test a physical retail environment before committing to a permanent store.

Want to venture into the world of pop-up retail? Check out the pros and cons below.


The pros

  1. Create buzz and brand awareness in new markets: people will stop to experience the novelty and to involve themselves in the hype. The idea that you’re not going to be around for long drives action as consumers don’t want to miss out!
  2. Increase sales and rid excess stock: seizing an opportunity or taking advantage of seasonal trends (e.g. Christmas) can drive sales and help clear old stock or offload excess inventory.
  3. Test new retail environments: test new environments at a fraction of the cost before committing to a permanent store. They also provide first-hand insight into the market you are considering entering.
  4. Promote and test new products: pop-ups allow businesses to test new concepts and products and receive real-time feedback, making them the perfect place to promote a new product.


The cons

  1. Finding space: finding a space is the trickiest part and requires time and resources.
  2. Marketing: prior to opening, you need to create buzz and excitement and convey a sense of urgency, all requiring marketing efforts and budget.
  3. Limited choice: because pop-ups are generally small in space, product choice tends to be limited, which consumers may find inconvenient.
  4. Additional costs: extra costs need to be factored into your budget such as rent, insurance, POS, merchandising fixtures and lighting.


What makes a good retail pop-up?

  1. A good location and retail concept
  2. An innovative design and,
  3. An immersive brand experience

Tip: Some events or locations are more pop-up friendly than others. Be sure to check with your local council if there are any restrictions.

Check out one of our recent retail pop-up projects below.

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