Exhibition Design and Planning Tips by Joel

4 ways to avoid exhibition budget disaster

Promoting your brand at trade shows is bloody expensive!

Here’s 4 ways to tame your exhibition budget:

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This is the winning formula for a successful exhibition


A while back, my business coach introduced me to the “1% more concept”.

She explained this concept to me from a financial perspective, but I found it is a great way to approach your exhibition or corporate event

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5 ways to improve your exhibition stand design

Check out my five tips to improve your exhibition stand design and maximise your marketing budget and investment.

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Manufacturing displays shouldn’t be 2D! How to display bulky items to attract and engage your audience.

Got an upcoming trade show but scratching your head as to how to display your latest air-conditioning unit or solar panel?

I get it. If you’ve got a bulky product to display, you can feel limited. But forward-thinking manufacturing brands such as Bosch, BOC and Caterpillar are creating immersive brand experiences that drive ROI and engage audiences.

Want to know how?

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Build Engagement and Make Your Next Event interactive and UNFORGETTABLE

Interactive? One of the questions that we get most, is, “how can I make my next event more engaging, more memorable and more interactive?”

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Branding – Behind the Scenes

Check out Branding Behind the Scenes, keeping you updated on how other brands are promoting themselves right now,
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THE LESS-STRESS LIST – An Event Planning Guide for your next tradeshow stand


Exhibiting is one of the most effective and rewarding actives your brand can undertake. The opportunity to further develop relationships with existing customers and engage with potential new leads is unparalleled. Read more →



• Preliminary action plan

• Design discussion

• Cost Estimate

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The hardest part of planning your expo stand is fitting all your messages and products into a small space….. and it not looking like a dogs breakfeast!

It’s important to deliver a clear take home message for potential customers and avoid visual clutter. Read more →

Your Brand on TV – Set design and construction

Here’s a set we designed and built for Gaggenau as seen on THE BLOCK reality TV show. We crafted this set from rustic timber from a wreckers yard and lazer cut 3D metallic logo complete with custom joinery. The BrandScapes team used the know-how gained from creating exhibition stands for Gaggenau to successfully apply their branding for TV. Need a set for your brand?, get in touch today and we can discuss ideas for set design and construction.