Ideas & Tips

Be bold, be vibrant: Crafting a unique brand experience

Thanks to changes in technology and changing consumer needs, brands are forced to become focused on developing unique customer experiences.

Your display, activation or exhibition is a great way to allow your customers to immerse themselves in your brand.

Achieving a fully immersive brand experience can be easier said than done I know, but, I’ve worked with many brands over the years to help them get this right, and it pays off every time.


Here are a few tips to get you on your way to creating a truly unique brand experience.

  1. Be bold: your showroom or display has to be bold enough to demand consumers attention and linger in their minds long enough to attain top of mind recognition.
  2. Be vibrant: adopting colour or bright lighting in your showroom or incorporating it into your display is a sure-fire way to engross your audience.
  3. Utilise technology: technology allows customers to drive their own experience. Touch screens, videos, slideshows and digital signage catch visitor’s eyes and encourages them to delve further into a brand experience.
  4. Engage all five senses: a multi-sensory experience inspires brand loyalty. If only one sense is engaged, customers are far less likely to consider the brand as their first choice.

I believe crafting brand experiences that shape user interactions and leave lasting brand impressions is the future of marketing.


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